Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The time to "know it all" before you consider readmitting a resident to the hospital is here.

I want to share with you a wonderful tool that will empower your nursing staff to effectively communicate with the physician regarding the resident's condition prior to the consideration of readmission.

A review of the new publication from AMDA entitled KNOW IT ALL BEFORE YOU CALL reveals a step by step approach to gathering the vital information the physician needs to determine their course of action. It provides an easy to follow list of data that needs to be provided during the nurse-physician collaboration.

If I ran the world (always keep hoping!) I would highly recommend a copy of this dynamic tool be available on every nursing station. As a fellow nurse, I appreciate the need to share appropriate, to the point resident information with the physician. It can reduce "call backs", frustration and most importantly decreases the time needed to explain the resident's medical status.

Simply click on the tile of this blog to be connected to the AMDA products page for this publication.

Knowledge is power and sharing it is rewarding to nurses, physicians and the resident.

Get your copy now!